About us

Tour of Pakistan is offering you information about Pakistan. Pakistan Is a beautiful country in world. There are many tourist points in this country to explore. We are trying to tell whole world that Pakistan is heaven on earth. The security situation is under control with the help of Pakistan Army and ISI.

We are trying to tell whole world come to Pakistan and see real beauty. Pakistani people are loving, caring and generous. There are many travel groups in Pakistan to take you all tourist points.

Northern areas of Pakistan are popular for their most beautiful peaks, mountains, lakes and rivers all across the world. Tour of Pakistan aims to show a positive and spectacular image of Pakistan for viewers. Pakistan is rich in natural beauty. Pakistan has world’s most attractive places for visit, especially at its best in northern areas of Pakistan and Kashmir region.

Mission & Vision

Our first and last mission is to create best facilities and services to all people. We are sensitive towards monitoring the interests of people. We generally try to ration instead of adventure nature.