Top 10 Places to Visit in Chitral Valley | Chitral Valley Pakistan

Chitral is the most visited and famous valley of KPK, Pakistan. It became more attractive and romantic in the summer season when snow melts and greenery appears. The weather is most pleasant and nice in summer. And very cold in winter season. This are many places to visit in Chitral valley. Chitral Valley is near to Afghanistan border. Its range is different from the Himalayas and Karakorum because there are no 8000-meter peaks in this area.

The most famous peak of Chitral Valley is Tirich Mir at 7708 m height. Other peaks are Noshaq (7492 m), Saraghrar (7338 m) and Istoro Nal (7403 m) in this district. Alexander of Macedon the Great’s troops had to battle through the snows on their passage from Afghanistan to Pakistan and called the Hindukush. He came in this valley with his five soldiers. The language used in this valley is ‘Khowar’ (Chitrali) and Urdu. In  Chitral, you can climb the mountains and do trekking activities. There are many most beautiful places in Chitral

The population of this valley is 1,59,230. Most of the people are Muslims. In Kalash Valley mostly people are non-Muslims. About 2500-3000 people are living in Bumburet and Rambur Valley. Their lifestyle of living is different from the Muslim community.

If you want to visit this place, the best way to reach Chitral is by air. Another way is to reach this valley is through Kunar valley which connects the valley with Afghanistan border. You can reach through Lowari Tunnel from Peshawar covering a total distance of about 350-370 kilometres. The total distance from Islamabad to Chitral is 420 KM. The famous valley of Chitral is Ayun Valley.

Hotels in Chitral Valley:

The most famous hotel in Chitral Valley is PTDC. This hotel will provide you with good accommodation and pulchritudinous garden. The other hotel is the Mountain View Hotel which is located in Shahi Bazaar with beautiful and clean rooms. There are many standard and cheap hotels in this valley to stay in.

Traditional Dresses:

In this valley mostly women wear ‘Shalwar Kameez’ and dupattas. In winter the men wear woollen gowns with long sleeves. The Kalash men wear a special dress which is different from other dresses. The people of Chitral valley are loving and cooperative.

Places to Visit in Chitral Valley:

  1. Tirich Mir
  2. Shahi Masjid
  3. Shahi Museum4- Shahi Fort
  4. Polo Ground
  5. Garam Chashma
  6. Ayun Valley
  7. Kalash Valley
  8. Governer Cottage
  9. Chitral National Park
  10. Shandur Lake
  11. Lowari Tunnel

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