K2 2nd Highest Mountain

K2 is the 2nd highest mountain in the world for the climb. Its also known as Mount Godwin Austen. After Mount Everest, K2 is most difficult to climb it. K2 is located in the Karakoram Range and near to China-Pakistan border. K2 height is 8611 metres (28,251) above sea level.
K2 first attempted name is Anglo-Swiss. He climbs this mountain in 1902.

Many people are failed to climb this mountain. There are many foreign climbers put their effort to summit this highest mountain but they failed. There are many local climbers who summit this mountain are Rahmat Ullah Baig, Ghulam Mehdi, Ali Sadpara and Hassan Jan.
There are many mountain ranges in Pakistan. If you want to climb this mountain then visit Pakistan. Pakistan is safe for foreign tourists.

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