Top 10 Places to Visit in Neelam Valley | Tour to Neelum Valley

Azad Kashmir is like a heaven in Pakistan. Natural beauty in Pakistan is UN-matched. Pakistan has beautiful places to visit in Neelam valley. This part of the country is famous in the whole world due to mighty rivers, beautiful lakes, green valleys, sky-high mountains and beautiful wildlife. This place is like Switzerland. This land is blessed with breathtaking sights and destinations for local and foreign tourists. This place is safe for foreign tourist to visit alone and with family.

Neelam Valley

Azad Kashmir main tourist point is Neelam valley. This valley offers picturesque and panoramic sights that will take your breath away. It’s mostly area wears a snow blanket in winter. Muzaffarabad is the capital city of Azad Kashmir. The whole area is situated near the border area of Jammu and Kashmir. A scenic road opens this valley to tourists up to Taobat, 200 KM from Muzaffarabad Pakistan. This area has facilities of rest houses in the whole family. There are many hotels in Neelam valley when you will visit Azad Kashmir.

Azad Kashmir has various mountain landscapes ranging from 2000 to 6000 meters. You can hike, paragliding, trekking, climbing and camping there. It’s mostly areas are safe for tourists, but some parts of it are restricted for tourists. Local tourists can visit Azad Kashmir without any restriction, but foreign tourists are not allowed to visit border areas like Rawalakot, Chotta Gala, Chikkar, Daokhan, Mangia and Dheerkot. Permits are issued to foreign tourists by the AJK Department at Muzaffarabad.

Neelam Valley Location

Azad Kashmir is located at the junction of Jhelum River and Neelam River. This whole is under the control of Pakistan.  Neelam Valley is a 144 KM long valley in Azad Kashmir region and consists of many districts. You can visit this valley every time. You can visit this valley by road. Roads are in good condition from Islamabad to Muzaffarabad. Then Muzaffarabad to Neelam valley is a single road. You can go to this area on a personal vehicle. Best time to visit Kashmir is April to November. Different tour packages are available to visit Azad Kashmir.

Places to Visit in Neelam Valley:

Different tourist places are as follows

  1. Neelam Valley

  2. Rawalakot

  3. Banjosa Lake

  4. Dhani Waterfall

  5. Kel

  6. Arang Kel

  7. Kutton Waterfall

  8. Baboon Valley

  9. Taobat

  10. Shounter Valley

  11. Chitta Katha Lake

  12. Leepa Valley

  13. Keran

  14. Sharda

  15. Toli Peer

  16. Pir Chinasi

  17. Mangla Dam

  18. Ratti Gali Lake

  19. Jagran Valley

  20. Gattian Lake

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