Rush Lake Trek in Pakistan | Rush Lake in Hunza Valley

Rush Lake TrekRush Lake is the highest lake in the heart of the Hunza Valley Pakistan. Its trek is a light adventure for tourists in the Karakorum Range. Rush Lake is the world’s 13Th Highest Lake at an altitude of 4700 meters. On this trek, you will see beautiful views of Hunza Valley and Nagar peaks. You can see high meadows, terraced fields, glaciers and water streams on the way to a lake. This is an amazing journey to see the wilderness of Mother Nature.

Rush Lake is located about 15-20 KM north of Meir Peak and Spantik Peak. You can be reached via Hopar and Nagar Valley. It is the terminal of two big glaciers of Bualter and Barpu. You can see beautiful views of Ultar Sar, Phuparash Peak, Malubiting Peak and Spantik Peak on the trek.

Trek to Rush Lake

The trek towards Rush Lake is very tricky and rough with descending and ascending steps. This trek starts from Hopper Village. You can go to Hopper village from Aliabad and takes about 1 hour. After reaching there, tourists can access some good facilities like a hotel and food. You can hire porters easily from Hopper village, who will carry your luggage up to 20 KG to the lake. You will have to hire a guide for the safe and convenient journey. There are 11 campsites along the trekking route towards Rush Lake and every site is much farther from each other.

Follow these treks to reach Rush lake:


Hopper valley to Shishkin –> 2 KM

Shishkin towards Barpu Giram –> 3 – 4 KM

Barpu Giram to Baricho Kor –> 5 – 5.5 KM

BarichoKor towards Chadan Harar –>  5 – KM

Chadan Harar to Rush Lake –> 2 KM

Rush Lake to Phai Peri –>  4 KM

Phai Peri to Miar Glacier –> 2 KM

Miar to Hamdar –> 3 KM

Hamdar to Hupakun –> 2 KM

Hupakun to Hopper valley –> 3 KM

Rush Lake is a main point for the Markhor hunters called Trophy Hunting. Hunting of Markhor is very expensive and only foreign tourist could afford this. This lake is mostly frozen during the winter season because its surrounding peaks and mountains remain snow-capped even in the summer season. Only few tourists and trekkers can manage to reach the lake in winter. You can complete this trekking plan up to Rush Pari Peak in 5 days. This trek is not easy to cover. This lake is like a heaven on the earth.

Recommended Gear For Rush Lake Tour:

  • Water Bottle
  • Gloves
  • Sun Block
  • Sun Glasses
  • Trekking Boots
  • Torch with extra batteries
  • Waterproof Jacket
  • T-shirt for Day Trekking
  • Woollen Socks
  • Muffler
  • Hand Wash/sanitize/soap
  • Sweaters
  • Back Pack


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