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Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan launched a visa on arrival coverage in five countries — Turkey, China, Malaysia, the UK and the UAE — on Thursday. The e-visa carrier has been advanced by way of NADRA in three months and is similar to the systems in the US and united kingdom. Pakistan is promoting tourism in the world.

The software consists of three steps. The first step consists of submission of visa prices, applicant’s information and documents. The second degree is processing of the application and in the ultimate segment, the e-visa may be issued. The government plans to offer this online visa facility to the citizens of over a hundred seventy-five international locations.

Promote Tourism in Pakistan

“The authorities have opened Pakistan to boost tourism in the country,” Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry stated in January. Pakistan is a paradise for vacationers, he told the media during a briefing in Islamabad. But, he stated after 1965, tourism in the country.

On January 26, Pakistan updated its visa coverage and the authorities granted visa on arrival to visitors from 50 international locations. With the purpose to restore tourism, the authorities can be introducing a new visa policy, wherein 50 countries will be given visas on arrival, whereas, e-visas may be provided to one hundred seventy-five international locations.

Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry speaks to the media on Friday, announced that during this new policy delivered via the authorities, 50 nations could be given visas on arrival, while, e-visas can be furnished to 175 international locations. He further said that a commercial enterprise visa might be furnished to ninety-six nations, rather than sixty-eight international locations. He said, “The commercial enterprise visas can be stamped in 8 to 10 days.”

NOC for Pakistan Visa

The minister continued that vacationers did not need to gain any NOC and can now go to all parts of us. Together with open cantonments, Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan. Speak approximately journalist visas, Chaudhry said that they may take delivery of long term visas with none restrict, local media mentioned. He stated that journalist visas could be processed through the Ministry of facts and Broadcasting.

Pakistani Passport Ranking

In 2016, the Pakistani passport turned into ranks 2nd lowest among 196 countries of the sector. But, in 2017, the ranking barely improved while it changed into ranked as the third lowest. Most people don’t understand that there are nonetheless 43 such nations that Pakistanis can go to without a visa or visa on arrival. A number of the nations also offer E-Visa to Pakistani citizen. Below are the data if you intend to travel to these forty-three nations:

Visa-free nations for Pakistani residents in 2019

You ought to be excited to recognize those six countries wherein you can journey simply with a go back price ticket. But earlier than all this it’s suitable to recognize approximately the economic system and what kind of advantages you could avail by travelling these international locations. Beneath is the list of nations without a visa requirement for Pakistani Passport.

  • Dominica
  • Haiti
  • Micronesia
  • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  • Trinidad and Tobago
  • Vanuatu
  • Malaysia
  • Qatar
  • Azerbaijan
  • Dominica

First in the listing of visa-loose international locations in Pakistan is Dominica. The small USA with a populace of approximately seventy-4 thousand citizens, located in the Carribean islands famous for its hot springs and rainforest with beautiful wooden homes and botanic gardens.

Pakistani citizens can stay in Dominica for 21 days without acquiring any visa. That is a small country. And the financial system isn’t that desirable with restrained work possibilities that’s why the shopping power of the Dominican citizen could be very low. But, attractive surroundings and sandy beaches make it the primary vicinity in our listing of visa-free international locations for Pakistani residents in 2019.


Second, inside the listing is Haiti, where Pakistani residents can journey and stay with none visa for a maximum of three months. This country is also positioned side the Carribean with stunning landscapes and the populace of the country is 10. Five million and the legitimate language of Haiti is French. Further, Haiti is one of the most visited tourist locations the world over. If we communicate about Pakistani passport, visa unfastened countries to visit in 2019, then Haiti is the one we choose this summer season.


The third in our listing of visa-free countries for Pakistan 2019 is Micronesia. A country that contains approximately 600 small islands in the Pacific Ocean. The populace is around one lake and five thousand as recorded in 2016. Moreover, there are 9 extraordinary languages spoken in this country and is well-known for its palm-shaded beaches, break-crammed dives, and the historic ruins. In Micronesia, Pakistani citizens with a legitimate passport can stay up to at least one month without obtaining any visa.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines

St. Vincent and the Grenadines is fourth on the list. A completely small country. And really near North the USA. English and French are the legitimate languages of the united states of America. The population of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is over one lac and two thousand and the main points of interest is the volcanic landscapes, reef-covered Bequia and white-sand beaches. Pakistani passport holders also can live at Saint Vincent and the Grenadines without obtaining any visa up to at least one month.

Trinidad and Tobago

Fifth inside the listing is Trinidad and Tobago. It is positioned at the continent of us near Venezuela. The populace of the country is around 1.2 million. The reputable language of Trinidad and Tobago is English. The opposite spoken languages in the united states of America are Carrabian, Spanish, French and Chinese language. Pakistanis can live right here with a none visa for a maximum of 1 month. But, you could also expand the visa in case you need to leave for a couple of months.


6th on the list is Vanuatu.  This is placed close to Australia, with lovely and appealing landscapes, islands and seashores. Pakistanis can also live in this country for most of one month with none visa. Furthermore, English and French are the most important languages in the country. Though it isn’t a well-known United state of America, it nevertheless is a soiled area to visit in case you want to explore something new.


Do you understand that recently, the Pakistani authorities have signed a per cent with the Malaysian authorities regarding immigration regulations? According to the brand new immigration legal guidelines, the Pakistani citizens can travel by means of getting e-visa to Malaysia from Pakistan. Yes, you obtain that right, an e-visa might be issued to Pakistani nationals. Malaysia is a brilliant country to visit Pakistan. You can go to Malaysia by means of spending no longer greater than a thousand$. Malaysia is a country with a rich lifestyle and scenic web page.


In case you are planning for a go-to to Dubai this summer season, simply cancel it. Qatar has greater surprises that allow you to see in 2019. Qatar government additionally offers e-Visa for Pakistani citizens. It is a nation with a strong financial system and a rich culture. Witness the sandy seashores and sizeable deserts to your experience to Qatar.

Azerbaijan (Baku city)

Do you understand that Azerbaijan is at the list of visa loose international locations for Pakistani Passport holders? If not, then you may be surprised to understand that Azerbaijan offers e-Visa for Pakistani citizens inside a week. Azerbaijan is a beautiful united state of America in all elements. You’ll discover the whole lot in Azerbaijan, from herbal and historic sites to neighbourhoods well-known meals recipes.

Baku is the heart and capital of Azerbaijan. You may discover lots of factors to do in Baku by myself. From fantastically crafted modern systems for historical streets, Baku is packed with new surprises at every flip.

Visa-on-arrival international locations for Pakistani citizens in 2019

Yes, you acquire that proper, visa-on-arrival means that you will get the visa once you arrive at the airport of these nations which we will list under. The government on the airport will paste the visa on arrival on your passport. Make certain you’ve got $$ with you and passport-sized pix as properly. Underneath are a few the international locations that supply on-arrival visa to Pakistani citizens



Cape Verde





Trinidad and Tobago


Timor Leste

Which countries without visa for Pakistani passport do you need to visit?

Before you plan experience with one of the above-noted countries, it’s miles essential which you make a hotel reservation before your arrival. There are numerous different nations expecting these to tour on Pakistani Passport. I suggest you tour to Dominica, Haiti, and Azerbaijan (Baku) as it’s miles the exceptional use of a with super seashore and landscapes.

Finally, these had been the six visa loose-nations for Pakistani residents in 2019 to the journey. When you have any question concerning these international locations, then you could let us know inside the remarks section.

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